Using recruitment agencies Vs hiring directly

Published on: 5, Jul 2020
By Office Collective

What is the reason for organisations to use recruitment agencies to assist with their hiring needs versus them conducting their talent searches directly themselves?

I often get asked this question and usually find myself getting into a debate that covers many spheres. I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and people may choose to disagree with my reasoning, but here are my thoughts on the subject…

1/ Time

Recruiting for new employees can be a laborious and time-consuming process for any organisation; one that uses up substantial resources, but seldom offers any assurances. Using a recruitment agency to source and identify talent, can alleviate an enormous amount of time and pressure to the hiring manager and their team. It’s collective knowledge that in business, time is money, and by using a recruitment agency you are in fact saving time as we take full control of the hiring process for you. A recent post by a fellow recruitment owner James Wardle of ‘Alderson James’ worded it perfectly when he said, ‘My new client saw that solely relying on direct ad-response and their own internal outreach possessed a major risk profile to employer brand, as well as a time vs cost expense they could ill-afford’. By the time a client has written, paid and posted for a direct job advert and then proceeded to sift through 300-400 applicants we have already been able to provide a shortlist of a handful of our best candidates for the role. Why interview 20 profiles for a position that could be hit and miss, when instead, you could spend a shorter amount of time interviewing those actually worth considering. A good recruitment agency will only ensure that the valuable time you do spend during the hiring process is spent wisely, and on only interviewing individuals that are worth meeting for the vacancy. 

2/ Screening Candidates- the background due diligence 

Employers fully recognise that finding the right talent for a business is the key and vital ingredient that helps companies facilitate success and drive their business forward. Organisations face a difficult task when it comes to ensuring a steady flow of repeated talent into a business, making sure they not only hire individuals who are suited to the role but who also fit into the culture of the organisation as well for the long term. A good recruitment agency conducts preliminary interviews with all candidates, meeting and screening with them in person or via video conferencing to make sure that the candidate equates to what they state on their CV. Additionally, this valuable time is used to really discover the very core of who the candidates are and if conducted correctly can help alleviate a high turnover of staff as we matched the candidates goals with those of the organisations. We equally conduct background checks, follow up on references as well as offering psychometric testing as and when required. We schedule the interviews and prepare the candidates with all the information they need so that they are fully prepared for the interview on the day. We cut out the noise and do the hard work for you by going beyond the CV and conducting the correct background due diligence by eliminating any unsuitable matches from the process. Hiring is so much more than what is written down on a piece of paper. 

3/ Our network – extensive reach 

A good recruitment agency will have access to the best talent available on the market. This includes access to candidates that are both ‘actively’ seeking work, as well as talent that is ‘not actively’ looking. Finding the right candidates can sometimes be difficult, simply because they don’t actively advertise that they are looking for a new role. If candidates don’t position themselves as ‘actively searching for a role’ then they are most likely to have a specialist recruiter who commits to their search on their behalf. This results in recruiters having the ability to gain access to a talent pool that may otherwise be unreachable by clients directly. Additionally, candidates who are actively looking for a new role are more likely to register with a recruitment agency due to their efficiency and personal connections to a large variety of organisations. Recruitment agencies have many networks with the potential to leverage these relationships to help connect you to the right people. A good recruiter will keep in touch with their candidates in their network, following their journey and will be constantly communicating with those who are not actively looking right now, because they might well get in touch in a few months/years’ time. Using a recruitment agency to identify and attract talent can relieve a huge amount of time and pressure for businesses resulting in faster and more efficient placements. 

4/ Advertising and Marketing of roles 

Often when employers advertise vacancies directly, they do not receive appropriate applications of the required calibre and quality. They are looking for an experienced candidate with niche experience and skills, but the applications that they receive simply don’t tick the relevant boxes. Often, this is down to the wrong type of marketing of the job advert; the high-calibre candidates they need simply don’t see the advert or perhaps they don’t apply to the role as the wording is not engaging to them. If they are either not aware of the opportunity, or not drawn in by the job advert then they can’t or won’t apply for the role. Benefits of using recruitment agencies not only have the expertise of advertising the vacancies correctly, but they also actively seek out individuals who fit the job description. The right recruitment agency will have the correct market knowledge and industry expertise on how to attract the appropriate candidates for the role. Once a strong relationship between the organisation and recruitment agency has been established, trust grows and your future hiring’s will be easier to make as the agency will be aware of the qualities that are needed to make the right fit within your business. A good recruitment agency will act as a partnership that is based on expertise and a thorough understanding of your business where we act as your eyes and ears in the recruitment market. 

5/ Cost savings – we are an investment

The largest negative response that I receive from potential new clients when conducting business development opportunities is their apprehension on paying a recruitment fee. They often find the thought of parting ways with a large lump sum of money a difficult pill to swallow. The question you have to ask yourself is how much is your business worth in order to find the best talent that subsequently will assist in the long-term success of your organisation’s growth? A good recruiter doesn’t just send the first candidate that fits the brief; they take their time to do the correct market due diligence enabling them to research and source talent to find the best candidate to fill the position. I often pose the question do you want to hire the best calibre for the role or find the cheapest solution? The overriding question you should be asking is how much is your organisation worth in order to find the best employees to work there as they are what contributes to the success of a business. On the surface, it may seem that recruiting directly is cheaper and makes sense, but in-house recruiting can be a lengthy and costly process and for every minute that your vacancy isn’t filled, your business is not performing as efficiently or as profitably as it could be. The long-term investment far out ways the short-term cost. 

So based on the above, you do the calculations. When it comes to hiring for my business in the future, I will most definitely be using a specialist recruitment agency as I won’t jeopardise my businesses success when it comes to finding the best talent for my team. I think the most important point to remember is that a good recruitment agency works with your organisation as a collective so we are both on the same side, looking for that golden nugget candidate. I know my client’s companies worth. I hope that you do too. 

What our clients and candidates say

“Thank you so much for your support these past few months and your assistance in helping me get this job. You really have been amazing!”

Coco Young | Candidate

Anouska and Michael are two of the most supportive, encouraging and empathetic recruiters I’ve ever been in touch with. They took the time to not only understand what I was looking for but also to really get to know me as a person, in turn, they played an integral role in finding my dream job. Thank you both so much, it’s been a pleasure!

Fern, (candidate)

We are extremely happy with the service that Office Collective and Michael personally has done for us –he has not only presented us with candidate with a speed of light, he has found a great selection of diverse candidates that we could pick from and in the end we found the absolute perfect fit. I really just wanted to highlight to you that myself and the CEO were super impressed with the work he has done! We will definitely be using you in the future exclusively for roles that you will be able to help us with and I will recommend to my professional network as well. Thank you!’

Head of HR, Onyx Commodities

Hey Anouska, just back from my first day and it was lovely. The team are all great and the spaces are gorgeous!

Thanks to you and Michael again for all your help getting me in here, you have no idea how much I needed a change!

Beth (Candidate)

Anouska was the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability. She simplified every step of the hiring process and really supported me from my initial interviews to my first day at work. I would highly recommend her expert help and support to anyone looking for a new challenge or career change.

Injy (Candidate)

“I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for your time this week! It was really refreshing to meet someone in recruitment who doesn’t see you as a number and actually listens to what it is that you’re looking for and what would be best suited! First time I’ve come away from a recruiters meeting and felt confident……ever!”

Chloe (Candidate)

“Anouska is one of the most genuine and honest recruiters I have worked with, she understands people and most importantly gets to know you. She made my whole experience so easy and found me a job I genuinely enjoy going to every day!”

Natalie (Candidate)

Anouska and her team at Office Collective were a pleasure to work with, beyond the basics of a professional recruiter, Office Collective goes that extra mile to get to know you and what makes you tick. As a result, Office Collective placed me in the most challenging and rewarding role of my career to date. If you’re looking to take that next step, you’ll be in great hands with Office Collective. Highly recommend.

Gemma (Candidate)

“Very customer centric journey – from start to finish I was well informed and Office Collective were very kind and supportive. I got the job so, thank you!”

Holly Smith (candidate)

“From the first moment of connection through LinkedIn, Anouska demonstrated a uniquely empathetic approach to building a relationship with me. She is a talented, astute individual, with a genuine commitment to providing the best service possible. Her professionalism is a credit to her employer, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. I trust Anouska to provide the best, and most appropriate candidates to me. To date, she has not let me down once”.

Edmund Monk I CEO I The Learning & Performance Institute

“I enjoy working with the Office Collective. They consistently provide us with excellent candidates. They are quick, efficient and extremely transparent which is something I really appreciate”.

Alan Fayolle I Group Managing Director I Foreverbeta

“Office Collective helped me find my new position in London! Office Collective was very supportive and professional throughout the entire process. If anyone is looking for a new role or if you are looking to hire for your business I couldn’t recommend using Office Collective highly enough! I couldn’t be happier, and I am very excited to start my new career in London!”

Kate (Candidate)

If anyone is looking for outstanding recruitment going forwards I highly recommend Office Collective! After some very positive & successful hires for our business, I would like to spread the word. Office Collective is experienced in recruiting for entry level positions through to senior level roles across all industry sectors. Their specialist sectors are Office Support, HR, Marketing, Finance and Sales. We were very sceptical at first with using an outside recruiter, however they learnt the business and have performed extremely well.

Daniel Price I Co-Founder I My 1st years

“I would highly recommend Anouska and the team at Office Collective.  They took the time to find out what kind of role I needed and matched me perfectly.  Office Collective was always on the end of the phone and very supportive.  I’m now a year into my role and I’m happy to say we’re still in contact.  I would definitely go to Office Collective again for any recruitment needs.”

Nadia (candidate)

“Office Collective helped us secure a new Office Manager. They placed a number of candidates in front of us and listened and responded accordingly to our feedback. It took us only a few weeks to find the right person and she has settled in well and is doing a great job. We would definitely use Anouska and the team again should the need arise.”

Director of Operations I City of London Group

“We have worked with Office Collective on a number of recruitment searches including Executive Assistants, Sales Executives and Systems Trainers and every time they have delivered an excellent service. We have built a trusted relationship with the team and we will continue to work with them. We see them as a partner in helping to build a fantastic team at Informa.”

Stephen Henderson | Group HR | Informa

“I’ve found Office Collective to be extremely thorough and diligent. Their attention to detail and commitment to whatever role we put to them is why Office Collective are a preferred supplier”

David Gabbie (Joint CEO) Beauty Bay

“Anouska is an extremely efficient, commercial and helpful consultant who has sourced numerous roles for our firm. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Jamie Beale | Partner | LXI REIT Advisors

“Searching for a new job can sometimes be a daunting task but working with Office Collective to secure the next step in my career was an absolute pleasure. Not only were they friendly, professional and insightful, but the whole recruitment process was streamlined meaning I was able to secure employment a lot sooner than I had expected.  I was given all of the necessary information and support to help prepare for my interview and I can’t thank Office Collective enough! I couldn’t recommend working with the team more.”

Laura (Candidate)

“I always enjoy working with the team at Office Collective.  They are creative in their approach, focused on delivering the best candidates and great to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend working with them again in the future.”

Adam Clyne I CEO I Coolr